Board Game Retreat

retreat outside dinner table
Kayaking in Ibiza

The quest for off the board gamers. Your life, your game!

Intrepid Meeple’s board game retreat is a tailored experience for the discerning adult gamer.  Immersive games, fantastic food, great company and a splash of adventure, all thematically served to you in a beautiful villa on the island of Ibiza.  Disconnect and escape into another world, both on and off the board with like-minded people and experience the adventure!

The Retreat

This is a full board luxury experience with extras. Kick back, play games, relax and adventure. Our retreat holds 16 adult guests for one week of indulgence. Each day is themed for total immersion and fun. How about a Viking feast and a horn of mead after an afternoon of playing the best Viking themed board games?

Board Games

With a whole library of fantastic board games there is certainly something for everyone! New stars, old favourites and possibly ones you have never laid eyes on. We have legacy games, kickstarter exclusives and just the best of the best for your enjoyment. All carefully chosen to give you the best choices with varied mechanics across many themes.

Board game Lords of Waterdeep

Other Activities

Lay back and relax or get active, the choice is yours! If you want a break from the board games, then there is plenty to do, including doing nothing! Relax by the pool with a cocktail, energise in the gym or chill in the recreation room.

You also have a whole island at your feet to explore. We can help you with your own adventures or maybe you would like to join one of our own activities with some of the other guests.

The Villa

Nestled on the side of a hill with panoramic views of the Ibizan landscape, sits this beautiful, traditional Spanish Finca. Newly refurbished and bristling with character, it has plenty of amazing places to stage games and activities, both indoors and out. It is the perfect setting for Intrepid Meeple’s board game retreat.

Swimming pool at the retreat

The Island

If you only think of Ibiza as that clubbing island then think again. The hills and valleys of this beautiful island is covered in pine forests, fruit and olive groves and an abundance of wild herbs. The coastline peppered with coves, caves and cliffs, surrounded by clear blue waters. The local food and drink is out of this world!

We hold our retreat pre- and post-peak summer season to avoid the intense heat and overcrowding, when the clubs are shut, the beaches clear and the weather is perfect.

Ibiza sea view


Chefs Alex and Dana will be creating the fantastic meals during your entire stay. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and a very special three course dinner each day.

Soft refreshments are of course always available. This includes a tea and coffee station with fresh fruit and daily baked biscuits. Oh, and the chef bakes a different cake every day! Oh yes, you will be pampered on your little adventures!

Table lay for lunch at retreat


Sunny in November!

9th November 2020
It has been a surprisingly busy summer on the island this year. Far fewer tourists than usual but those that did arrive were much more adventurous. Walking and kayaking has been the staple of life here. Not so lucky with the games though. What a year to start a business in board game retreats!

A new addition!

30th June 2020
A welcome addition to our intrepid adventures! This beautiful classic Llaut is now available at our Ibiza retreat.

The island opens up!

6th June 2020
The lock-down in Spain is easing off, especially on the islands. Here in Ibiza we are able to get out and enjoy the beauty of the island again.
Nemesis board game


7th May 2020
If, like us, you've been trying desperately to get your hands on a copy of Nemesis, then you'll be pleased to know that there is another kickstarter just around the corner!


30th April 2020
Well, of course we had to have Ankh in our library after enjoying Rising Sun so much. If you're still on time you can get over to kickstarter and order your copy as well.