Sunny in November!

9th November 2020
It has been a surprisingly busy summer on the island this year. Far fewer tourists than usual but those that did arrive were much more adventurous. Walking and kayaking has been the staple of life here. Not so lucky with the games though. What a year to start a business in board game retreats!

A new addition!

30th June 2020
A welcome addition to our intrepid adventures! This beautiful classic Llaut is now available at our Ibiza retreat.

The island opens up!

6th June 2020
The lock-down in Spain is easing off, especially on the islands. Here in Ibiza we are able to get out and enjoy the beauty of the island again.
Nemesis board game


7th May 2020
If, like us, you've been trying desperately to get your hands on a copy of Nemesis, then you'll be pleased to know that there is another kickstarter just around the corner!


30th April 2020
Well, of course we had to have Ankh in our library after enjoying Rising Sun so much. If you're still on time you can get over to kickstarter and order your copy as well.