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A new addition!

A welcome addition to our intrepid adventures! This beautiful classic Llaut is now available at our Ibiza retreat. With a Capacity of 7 + skipper she is the luxurious way to experience the visually stunning coastline of Ibiza.

A 3 hour excursion for only €65 per person consists of a relaxing journey along the wild and unspoiled coastline of the north and covers pirate bays, caves and wonderful snorkel locations.

You may also encounter her on some of our themed treasure hunts!

The island opens up!

The lock-down in Spain is easing off, especially on the islands. Here in Ibiza we are able to get out and enjoy the beauty of the island again. Although flights will start at the end of June, it looks like it is going to be a very quiet summer this year. The beaches are empty and the waters warm and inviting.

Apologies for the picture quality, my camera lens got a little splashed. Here we are paddling up to one of Ibiza’s remote villas nestled in a bay that is only accessible by boat. A great place to stop for a picnic!


Nemesis board game

If, like us, you’ve been trying desperately to get your hands on a copy of Nemesis, then you’ll be pleased to know that there is another kickstarter just around the corner!

The kickstarter is actually for Nemesis: Lockdown which is a standalone expansion, but this campaign allows for the inclusion of all the boxes from the original campaign. Nice!

You can go now to the draft kickstarter page and sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live. This is currently expected to be around May or June time.


Well, of course we had to have Ankh in our library after enjoying Rising Sun so much. If you’re still on time you can get over to kickstarter and order your copy as well.

Now we just have to wait until May of 2021. Pfff!

Well at least we will have it for our October/November retreats in 2021.