Board Game Retreat

Porch at the villa with views

You can sit in an immersive setting, without interruption and everyone having all the time in the world for even the longest of games. If the fancy takes you, head out on a treasure hunt Indiana Jones style, find and solve the puzzles. Maybe you would like to figure out who cursed the half elf over a themed dinner? Or explore the coastal caves of Ibiza by kayak. All this and more is possible at Intrepid Meeples’ Board Game Retreat!

The retreat is tailored experience. Whether you want wall to wall tabletop gaming or add some adventure or down time to the mix, we can accommodate. This is achieved by collecting information from you before you arrive, first via our questionnaire and then one-to-one, to enable us to create the perfect program for all the guests. 

Board Games

Our games library for the retreat is extensive and ever growing with the best of what is available (and not so available). A broad range of games that include kickstarter exclusives and even impossible to get, out of print games. 

A normal day at the retreat is made up of gaming sessions set to the theme of the day. The selected games will be set up for you and the rules explained. Staff are always at hand to clarify any rules or grab you some refreshments. Each retreat consists of 16 guests, therefore, depending on the game, there will be times when everyone is playing together and times when the group is split into teams. Each day will be different, varying the games, mechanics and players to make sure there is plenty of diversity.

Those new to the hobby will experience all the different game mechanics, growing in complexity throughout the week.
Those with experience will get the opportunity to play with fellow gamers without the worry of explaining the rules or running out of time.

Optional gaming events are also available. Complete a legacy game over the week in our legacy sessions. Experience a Dungeons and Dragons campaign in our Game Day Challenge. Take on a role to Solve puzzles and mysteries during a themed dinner. See below for more details.

Immersion and fun are key during your stay. Everything from the games to the dinners will follow the theme of the day. Sci-fi, fantasy, ancient history, post apocalypse, mystery and others are available. And when the games end the fun doesn’t stop! Relax by the pool, energise in the gym, explore the beauty of the island with a hike or head to a sandy cove.

Other Activities

Want more? Want to chill? Feeling adventurous? Want to see the island while you are here? We have you covered!
Ibiza is an amazing island and has much to offer to those seeking wonderous endeavours. From the serene to the thrilling, you can find it here. Close ties with local organisations mean that we can seamlessly include extra activities in your stay at reasonable prices. Without impacting your gaming agenda or in some cases even enhancing the theme of the day!
How about a brewery visit or picking your own herbs to make a delicious liqueur? Maybe a food tour to try the local delicacies. Relax on a boat with a tour of the coves, swim in the clear warm waters and have the skipper pour you a champagne. Extend your gaming experience with escape rooms or our very own adventure experience. Take it up a notch and explore by kayak, hike or bike. Swim the depths with a scuba dive. Feel the exhilaration of quad bikes, jet skis, sea bobs or power boating. There is a world of adventure out there for you to explore within easy reach from the retreat venue.

Optional Activities

These activities will be included in the program when enough participants choose to partake. There is no extra costs involved and activities will still include any food and drink when away from the villa.

Game day challenge
A game that takes all, if not most of the day! Compete to build your galactic empire in the epic universe of Twilight Imperium. Unite for a quest in the world of D&D, brought alive by our own DM.

Legacy Sessions
A legacy game is one of the best developments in board gaming history. But not so easy to experience unless you can get the same group of friends together time and again to complete it. Here is the perfect opportunity to play and complete a legacy game with the same players in our legacy sessions. 

Treasure hunt in Ibiza

Adventure experience
Venture out in teams to explore the island. Find clues and solve puzzles, both mental and physical in this thematic and challenging adventure! Will Cthulhu send you mad?! Will you find the Ancient alien secret embedded in your DNA?

Guided walk
Ibiza has a beautiful landscape. The island is covered in hills of Mediterranean pine forest with many spectacular hidden gems to discover. A guided walk, in association with Walking Ibiza will take you to the best secret spots on the island. Informing you of the island’s ancient history, geology, beliefs and immersive stories along the way.

Themed dinner experience
Putting aside the typical murder mystery dinner for something a little more Intrepid Meeple. A dinner set with a fantasy or sci-fi theme where each participant takes on an exotic role with an intriguing backstory. Situations arise throughout the evening to enthral, entertain and challenge.

Extra Activities

These activities and more can be included into the program at extra cost (contact us for more options and details). Some activities may require transport that will be organised dependent on the number of participants involved.  

Kayaking in Ibiza

Kayaking excursion
Kayaking is a great way of seeing the island from a different perspective. Combine pleasure and activity to enjoy some of Ibiza’s most beautiful coastline. The activity starts on the beach with an introduction to kayaking. We will then head out, following the coast, along an amazingly scenic route that includes the exploration of caves and coves. Stop for a snorkel. And on the way you can hear about some of Ibiza’s history and geology that make this such a magical island.

Liqueur making workshop in Ibiza

Hierbas liqueur workshop 
Hierbas means herbs in Spanish, the traditional liqueur has a base of 8 plants but as many as 30 can be used in its making. The perfect recipe depends on how you combine the herbs and here you will learn how to do just that. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to take home your own bottle of Hierbas.

Brewery visit 
Ibosim Brewhouse is Ibiza’s beer temple, being the only beer brewery on the island. After an explanation of the brewing process you will get a guided tour of the actual brewery. The tour will finish at the taproom where we will have a beer tasting of 6 beers paired with a platter of local cured meats and cheeses.

Escape room  
You are locked inside an escape room for 60 minutes. In order to get out you will need to work as a team and make maximum use of your intelligence and intuition. Find all the clues needed to solve puzzles and mysteries, decipher codes and lookout for hidden objects while having loads of fun trying to escape!

Trail running

Mountain biking 
If there is anything that Ibiza is renowned for is it’s large number of trails and single tracks, which may be enjoyed with the help of our experienced guides. We adapt the different routes according to the physical and technical expertise of our clients. Prefer an electric mountain bike? No problem.

Trail running 
Want to really get that blood pumping while absorbed in the beauty of the rarely trodden trails of Ibiza? Then a personally guided trail run with the expert guidance of Running Ibiza is the adventure for you!

Boat rental 
Rent a boat with skipper that will take you to locations along the coast of Ibiza. Snorkel in beautiful remote locations in crystal clear waters

Es Vedra by sea